Copper Pipe Fitting - Brass Piping Part

Copper Pipe Fitting
- Brass Piping Part 1

We specialize in manufacturing of copper pipe fitting and brass piping part in China. We can also manufacture and process products according to customer's designs or sample. Our main products include brass pipe, brass valves, pipe clip, pipe bracket, and more.

The copper fittings comply with BS864, ANSI B16. 22, JIS H3401, GB/T11618-1999, and the enterprise standard respectively. Our products are now widely used in different industries such as construction plumbing, ACR, chemical industry post and telecommunications, etc.

Copper pipe fittings play an important role in many plumbing and heating applications. These fittings are used for installation of various types of pipes. In fact, copper pipe fittings are mainly used with copper pipes used for supplying hot and cold water in residential water supply lines, as refrigerant line in HVAC, etc. Copper pipe fittings are available in many different sizes and styles and you can select the right one for your application.

Categories of Copper Pipe Fittings: Copper pipe fittings are mainly divided into three categories:
1. fittings that are designed for making bends and turns in the pipe.
2. connecting or branching copper pipe.
3. couplings, slip couplings, cast iron pipe adapters, etc. Any of these fittings can be selected depending on whether the pipe is rigid or flexible.

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