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We have a network of hundreds of reputable copper casting, copper forging and machining manufacturers in China, and offer you the most efficient way to make low cost copper products. We offer products such as such as copper pipe fitting & tube, bronze building material, and precision machined copper parts.

Copper Fittings

Bronze Casting

Copper Stamping and Deep Drawing

Copper Forging

Gravity/ Low Pressure Casting
We work with common grades of copper alloy such as:
C22000 Bronze (90% Copper/ 10% Zinc)
C23000 Red Brass (85% Copper/ 15% Zinc)
C26000 Yellow Brass (70% Copper/ 30% Zinc)
C38500 Architectural Bronze (57% Copper/ 3% Lead/ 40% Zinc)
C65500 Silicon Bronze (97% Copper/ 3% Silicon)
C12200 Copper (99.90% Copper/ 0.02% Phosphorous)

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Distinct Benefits:

1.  China Cost Structure:  Compared to U.S. factories, our costs are drastically (30%-50%) lower.

2.  Competency:    We have mature quality assurance processes,a dedicated QC team, in-house bilingual engineering capabilities, and an experienced leadership team.

3.  Communication:   We are English-speaking. Fluent engineering communication is vital in custom manufacturing. 

4.  Quality:   We are familiar with western quality standards.  We are ISO 9001 certified, and own a 30,000 sq. feet facility in Shanghai for quality testing, assembly, packaging and warehousing.


Our Differentiations:

1.  Strong focus on engineering control and custom manufacturing.

2.  We are willing to match any legitimate price from China

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